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Here are our articles and guides about practically anything that has to do with batteries in general, including marine and automotive batteries, green (solar, wind) energy, battery accessories, tools and similar.

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Convert mAh to Wh and Wh to mAh - Conversion Calculator

mah to wh varta w150pxmah to wh calc w150pxConversion between different units, especially when different unit prefixes are used is an ideal situation for making - mistakes.

If You need to convert mAh to Wh and Wh to mAh, feel free to use our unit conversion calculator.

SI Unit Prefixes: How Many Watts in Kilowatt?

calculator w150pxUnit prefixes are an excellent way of writing things shorter, but still keeping the results as accurate as possible.

However, some prefixes, no matter how simple they look, can be confusing and lead to mistakes. Here is the list of the SI prefixes commonly used not only in electronics but in every walk of life...

Most Popular Motorcycle and Powersports Battery Sizes

motorcycle battery mMotorcycle and Powersports batteries are designed as starting/cranking lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries and are rarely used as deep discharge/deep cycle batteries.

Motorcycle and Powersports batteries come in numerous sizes, capacities, CCA/MCA values, terminal posts types and orientation and similar. When buying a new battery for your vehicle, be sure to get a battery that may fit your battery compartment, that can be regularly charged using onboard battery charger (alternator, for example) and that the battery is strong enough to easily crank your vehicle's engine, even during low temperatures.

Best BCI Group 24 Batteries

group 24 battery mBCI Group 24 batteries are very popular automotive, industry and marine batteries, commonly used as starting, deep cycle and general purpose batteries.

While they feature standard dimensions, these batteries differ internally significantly, offering the users different characteristics regarding nominal capacity, starting features, number of cycles and similar.

BCI Battery Groups Size Charts

bci battery groups mBCI battery groups are standardized battery sizes, allowing the users to find more easily the proper battery replacements.

Knowing exact BCI battery group of the old battery helps finding the new battery replacement, although knowing just the BCI group size is often not enough. Many manufacturers label their batteries as 'the best fit', making them sometimes slightly larger than 'standard size'. If the battery compartment is tight fit to the standard battery size, such 'slightly larger' battery may not fit ...

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