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Lithium 6V CR-P2 Battery

Lithium 6V CR-P2 battery is a very popular non-rechargeable rectangular battery, commonly used in high-drain devices and devices that require a strong battery with a long shelf-life.

Lithium CR-P2 battery is in many ways very similar to the 2CR5 battery, but it is more compact, and due to their internal similarities, both batteries feature the same voltage and capacity.

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CR-P2 Lithium Battery Features and Specifications

The lithium 6V CR-P2 battery is a non-rechargeable battery based on Lithium Manganese Dioxide chemistry. It features physical dimensions of (H x W x L) 36 x 35 x 19.5 mm (~1.417 x 1.378 x 0.768 inches), with the body shaped so that the battery may fit the battery compartment only in one proper way.

CR-P2 battery features battery terminals only on one side.

The nominal capacity of the CR-P2 battery is 6 volts with a cutoff voltage of 4.0 volts, although the actual cutoff voltage depends on the cutoff voltage of the powered appliance - usually a photo camera, some LED flashlight, security or medical device, and similar.

The nominal capacity is in the 1400-1500 mAh range and depends on the battery drain current, temperature, age of the battery, etc.

Note: Lithium 6V CR-P2 battery features a very long shelf-life, with some models having a shelf-life of up to 10, or even more, years.

energizer 223

The most common label of this battery is CR-P2, but other labels are used as well, including CRP2, 223, 223A, EL223, DL223, K223, CR17-33, 5024LC, etc.

CR-P2 Batteries Comparison Chart

CR-P2/CR223 batteries are manufactured by many brands and can be found in local hardware stores and online shops. These batteries differ in terms of capacity, self-discharge rate, and similar - thus, the following comparison chart lists some of the most important features and specifications of CR-P2/CR223 batteries:

Capacity Operating Temperature Annual Self-Discharge Rate Discharge Current
Ansmann CR-P2 1400 mAh over 400Ω, down to 4.0V @20°C -40°C to +60°C ~2% @20°C 1.2A, 3s On, 7s Off:
>1000 cycles @60°C,
>900 cycles @23°C,
>550 cycles @-20°C
Duracell CR223 1550 mAh -20°C to +75°C ≤1% 0.9A, 3s On, 27s Off, down to 3.6V @20°C: ~1820 cycles
1.2A, 3s On, 7s Off, down to 3.6V @20°C: ~1250 cycles
Energizer EL223 1500 mAh over 200Ω, down to 4.0V @21°C -40°C to +60°C - 0.9A, 3s On, 27s Off, down to 3.1V @21°C: ~2000 cycles
1.2A, 3s On, 7s Off, down to 3.6V @21°C: ~1370 cycles
GP CR-P2 1400 mAh @10mA down to 4.0V @23°C - 10 years shelf life 0.9A, 3s On, 27s Off, down to 3.0V @23°C: ~1870 cycles
1.2A, 3s On, 7s Off, down to 3.0V @23°C: ~1320 cycles
Panasonic CR-P2 1550 mAh -40°C to +70°C - 0.9A, 3s On, 27s Off, down to 3.0V @20°C: ~1850 cycles
Varta CR-P2 1450 mAh over 200Ω, down to 4.0V @20°C -20°C to +60°C 10 years shelf life 0.9A, 3s On, 30s Off, down to 4.0V @20°C: ~1615 cycles
0.9A, 3s On, 30s Off, down to 3.1V @20°C: ~1713 cycles

As one can see, CR-P2 batteries feature a nominal capacity of 1400-1500 mAh, but for their use in photo/video devices, their pulse discharge rates are more important.

CR-P2 Battery vs 2CR5 Battery vs CR123A Battery

CR-P2, 2CR5, and CR123A batteries are all non-rechargeable (mostly) lithium batteries, having long-shelf life, and being able to provide strong drain currents. Their physical dimensions are:

  • 2cr5 battery m6V CR-P2 battery (H x L x W): 36 x 35 x 19.5 mm,
  • 6V 2CR5 battery (H x L x W): 45 x 34 x 17 mm,
  • 3V CR123A battery (D x H): 17 x 34.5 mm.

Internally, both CR-P2 and 2CR5 feature a pair of CR123A batteries connected in series to provide 6V. 2CR5 is larger, but it doesn't feature a larger capacity than the CR-P2 battery, at least not very often.

But, some devices powered by a 2CR5 battery come with a battery holder that allows the user to insert a pair of CR123A batteries and use them as a single 2CR5 battery.

On the other hand, some devices powered by a CR-P2 battery have a battery compartment designed to allow the user to use either one CR-P2 battery or a pair of CR123A batteries, which in this case can be placed in the wrong way - more care must be taken to prevent that.

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Rechargeable CR-P2 Battery

Rechargeable CR-P2 batteries are not very common, but if the device allows the use of both CR-P2 and CR123A batteries, a single CR-P2 battery can be replaced with a pair of rechargeable CR123A batteries, also known as RCR123A batteries.

Such a combination features a nominal voltage of 7.2-7.4 volts and a nominal capacity of 700 mAh, but it can be recharged 500+ times, saving money in the long run.

Note: not all devices intended to be powered by a 6V CR-P2 battery support the use of a 7.2-7.4 volts battery pack - it is not a large voltage difference, but it can nonetheless damage or destroy the device.

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Long Story Short: CR-P2 is a very popular camera battery and can be found in most hardware, office, or photo stores and online shops.

Popular CR-P2 batteries from reputable brands come with a long shelf-life, feature good capacity, and excellent tolerance to pulse discharging (important for photo cameras).

If your device supports the use of CR123A batteries and allows the use of RCR123A batteries, such batteries, although having ~50% capacity of CR123A batteries, often can be recharged 500+ times.

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